Don't the Mainstream Media make you sick?

On Saturday the Editor of the Manawatu Standard made a principled stand in the name suppression of the Palmy Pedo. His principles aren’t worth even a $1000.

I have been inundated with emails and Facebook messages from worried Palmerston north residents. So has he apparently. But what does he do, he takes Simon “FIGJAM” Power’s patsy lines that he is moving to change the law in line with the Law Commissions recommendations.

Clearly the ill-educated editor hasn’t bothered to read the recommendations otherwise he wouldn’t have said what he said. They are a once over lightly of existing law and their only solution about people like me who are speaking for the voiceless and powerless masses is tougher sentences.

In case you hadn’t noticed, I don’t give a flying fuck about hiding the names of kiddy-fiddlers, rapists, porno freaks or anyone else.

My position is simple. No suppression except for victims (god I hate that word). None whatsoever. Fuck ’em.

He criticises me but I have touched a raw nerve. I care more about the citizens of Palmerston North than he does. If he seriously wanted to take a stand along with other Mainstream media they would all name this guy, the fine is only a maximum of $1000. Nothing takes down a bad? law more effectively than mass civil disobedience. The MSM pansies should set aside a Name Suppression budget and just name them, pay the fine and do it again.

Their obeisance to the “rule of law” is bullshit. If the law said we should kill every tenth, to decimate, would they say that we should lobby MPs most of who are more interested in which expenses they can rort than doing anything useful or willfully disobey the law.

On the one hand he derides me and mocks my stance and blog, which BTW had more readers than people who live in Palmerston North and on the other hand he uses my case to sell his papers. There is a word for that and it starts with ‘H’.