Fairy jumps a Ferry

David Farrar (the Pinko) has an unusual tale. It’s unusual because he actually wrote it without any cut and paste pieces. The tale is also amusing.

Let’s call it the “Tale of the Fairy who Jumped A Ferry“.

What can one say, after I read it and picked myself up off the floor holding my sides with pain from all the laughter I thought, what must those people have thought?

I’m sure that when they saw the grinning visage of Chris Carter prancing light-footed up the gang plank a lot of things rushed through their minds.

Damn, I’m going to be late because of an MP!

Damn, He’s a long way from Ponsonby Road and this ferry is going to Waiheke!

This ferry goes nowhere near Te Atatu!

Does Fullers have a Gold Elite?

Nup, they didn’t think that at all, they probably thought, bloody poofs always have to make a scene.