Go catch some real crims

So the police reckon they are investigating me again. They must be doing it from the comfort of their air-conditioned offices.

Tell you what why don’t they go catch the pedos and rapists instead of wasting police time chasing a blogger who likes interesting names.

Justice Minister Simon Power said Slater’s threats to expose the personal details of judges on his website were “probably not helpful”.

Tell you what FIGJAM, stop trying to convince your caucus colleagues you are the next leader of the Natonal Party, and pull your thumb out of your arse and fix the stupid law.

You rammed through the repeal of the defence of provocation and now National are saving cats and dogs while pedos, kiddy fiddlers, rapists and bashers continue to hide behind their victims. Even worse certain lawyers and the Solicitor-General want me banged up in prison and a guy who downloads 300,000 pornographic images gets Home Detention…how screwed up is the system when that happens?

Stop prevaricating and sort it out, it is real simple so simple even you might manage to understand it. Though I suspect you are far to wet and liberal and actually like crims being able to hide that you will do your best to do nothing. That will not b a wise course of action as I reckon there will at least one case a week from now to the election to focus on, ask John if he wants to fight the election on name suppression as an issue.