I'm A.W.L

Absent With Leave.

What doctors and other fuckwits don’t tell you about depression and the meds is the what the side effects are. I on the other hand, as you all know, am brutally honest about depression, so let me tell you what it is like, clue, it isn’t Like John Kirwan’s ads.

Auckland at this time of year isn’t so much as hot, but humid. Oppressively so. If you are on 300mg of Venlafaxine and 300mg of Zyban it means you can’t do anything with out soaking yourself embarrassingly in sweat. Try sleeping, or not as the case may be, with 80% humidity, the windows and doors all open and a fan on and you are still sweating like a paedo at a Wiggles concert or like P. Holmes on Q+A. In fact if you know any P addicts, you sweat more than them.

And that is just one side effect.

So, today I shipped out to cooler climes, or whenever I feel like going except north (sorry Barnsley, fuck off I’m coming to Kerikeri despite the offer, thanks). I have an offer also to go slay some rabbits, wild cats and anything else that moves with a .17HMR. Anyway I’m somewhere south and if you follow my Twitter you will know where.