Innocent Business Affected by Dopey Suppression Ruling

I have just received a phone call from the owner of Puddleducks Nursery and Pre-school in Palmerston North. he is concerned about several suppositions and rumours that are coursing through Palmerston North about his business and also the reaction of some rather foolish idiots who seem to think they have every right to call and abuse him.

Contrary to results from Google searches Puddleducks does not and has not any ongoing business/personal dealings with the Dirty Downloader. They have never met him nor have they seen him. The only thing that has ever been a “contact” was a real estate transaction completed through a reputable real estate firm in Palmerston North with zero contact with the vendor, the afore-mentioned Dirty Downloader, more than 6 years ago.

The Dirty Downloader did use to have premises in that building but has not for some 6 years, ever since he moved to Palmerston North Hospital.

This is precisely why details of the Dirty Downloader should have been released. Innocent businesses and people ARE being affected by his conviction contrary to what the judge stated. The lack of testicles by the Crown Prosecutor in appealing the decision is also appalling.

The owner and his family of Puddleducks is trying to run a popular, successful and hopefully profitable business and has had the mis-fortune to have conducted a real estate transaction with the Dirty Downloader some 6 years ago.

Might I suggest to the idiots making obnoxious phone calls that they ring and apologise to this hard-working family. Instead direct their anger at the judge and the crown prosecutor.