Let's get some perspective on Mining

Labour and the Greens are busy running around bleating about New Zealand unlocking some of the wealth in our conservation estate. Frankly New Zealand can’t afford NOT to access those minerals.

DPF caught out the Greens lying like an IPCC report saying that it was appalling that evil National and their Mining buddies are going to destroy the “most precious and significant land in New Zealand?s public conservation estate to be laid bare for mining.

Oh and don’t forget that “National have no mandate to allow mining in National Parks”. David “Rowling” Parker forgets that Chris “Koru Club” Carter authorised Pike River Mine smack in the middle of a National Park. That was ok by him then, he was in cabinet that approved it so he must have been.

I’m over their lies, aided and abetted by the anonymous Labour staffers cowards at The Standard I might add. So let’s look at the real numbers in a graphic that even the dumbest pinko and greenie felchmong can understand, with pictures. Why the national Research unit hasn’t already done this is beyond me, but here we go.

Mining in Conservation land

Mining in Conservation Land compared with New Zealand and the Greens fantasy.

As you can see we are talking about fuck all, something like 7 kilometres square. To put that in pictures for the simpletons it would be like mining some of the worst areas of Manukau, which is probably far better to do than keeping it the way it is.

Manukau vs. Mining area