Meddling Judges

Today we had more judicial meddling from a lawyer and a judge in the case of paedo teacher on the North Shore.

I have had many calls today from media personnel who are aghast at the actions of the Judge and the Defence lawyer throwing a spack to refuse the dropping of name suppression. My own spies across media organisations have also confirmed the following;

The Judge is going after the NZ Herald and Sunday Star Times…….and me. He has directed that the next hearing is a substantive hearing to determine the ongoing name suppression. He has also directed that the HZ Herald and SST editors attend the North Shore District Court in the Judges chambers.

The Judge says that what the Herald and SST did contravened his court orders, then the defence lawyer pulled out a printout of one of my posts and handed it to the judge. Some comments were made about that, and the that this will aain be refered to the Solicitor-General. As yet I haven’t been summonsed or charged but we will wait and see what happens, the last time a lawyer and judge and the Solicitor-General blustered and huffed and puffed not a thing came of it.

In the meantime the Judge who so hates freedom of the press and freedom of speech by our old media and new media is Judge David McNaughton of Grey Lynn. If you should wish to discuss the merits of his protection of a paedophile rather than the community might I suggest a letter to the Judge c/o North Shore District Court.