In light of the “dog ate my homework” admission and other manipulated data scandals by NIWA they have decided to change its name, from National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research to…..

No Idea What’s Ahead.

and what’s more, why does the head of NIWA have two carparks at HQ down the viaduct? Is it so he can park his 911 Porsche across the two parks so it won’t get scratched and also why when Government Ministers are visiting why does he all of a sudden drive a beaten up Suzuki Jimny while the missus driving the 911?

Very strange goings on but The Whale has spies and he knows all.

In further news has Nick “Quota” Smith been slapped up the back of the head?

“Yeah, there’s quite a debate as to whether people want to continue with the United Nations process that proved pretty inadequate in Copenhagen, or whether people want to use some other process, maybe the G20 or something like that, and so I think internationally there’s going to be quite a lot of navel gazing over the next six months or so to try and reposition and find a process that will work.”

Smith followed up by slamming the UN IPCC blunders and warning that similar errors in New Zealand “won’t be tolerated”.

“I think they are concerning…there has been some slip-ups and that’s concerning. I’ve made it quite plain to the New Zealand scientific fraternity that those sorts of slip-ups will not be tolerated and they need to make sure the advice they are giving myself and my cabinet colleagues is straight science and robust science, because the credibility of the climate change problem gets into question even when you get these quite small issues on the fringe where errors have been made.”

How about giving it all away and focus on something real Nick?