Nice to know Goff supports me

This name suppression thing is quite amusing once you start looking into it. Especially when you go through Hansard. Interesting too how some like Deborah Coddington wanted exactly what I say about name suppression but through pure personality and the fact she is married to a stodgy lawyer she writes an article in complete opposition to her own position as recorded in Hansard. Politicians should remember their words, for they are recorded.

One thing is very clear, nothing has changed despite a very great deal of talk from governments of both sides. Funny though how Phil Goff did nothing while Justice Minister in 2002 after all those questions in 1994 and 1995. He continues to do nothing to this day. Be nice if he actually stood for something rather than empty rhetoric.

One hopes that Simon “FIGJAM” Power isn’t a do nothing Justice Minister. As you can see from the transcripts below nothing has been done despite clear public angst for more than 20 years. Time for action.

Question 2347 Hansard 6/4/1995

Hansard 30 August 1994 - Child Abuse name Suppression of Paedophile

11 October 1994 - Hansard - Phil Goff on Name Suppression

Hansard - General Debate - 7/9/1994 - Phil Goff

15 October 2002 - Victims Rights Bill - Nandor Tanczos

Hansard 31/08/1994 - General Debate - Phil Goff