Northey has a brain fart

Richard Northey the thief who was caught red-handed stealing from an MPs office has had a brain fart and rush of shit to the brains.

Clearly he has decided to speak from personal experience about a sensitive subject he knows a lot about.

As usual Cathy Casey’s screeching rant is largely fact free as well. She blames C&R for using a caucus, she also says;

“The one thing that bothers me most is that C&R candidates have to agree not to vote against the decisions of their caucus. It has been evident over this term in office that C&R councillors block vote, following the lead of Deputy Mayor David Hay. The recent decision to evict Monte Cecilia School was a prime example of this. Whatever happened to independence of thought?! I was elected to serve the ratepayers, not any political master.?

Independence of thought eh? That’d be why she resigned her Green Party membership and membership of ShittyVision……oh wait!

Thankfully we have less than a year to put up with her.