N.Z.E.I. pimping out kids for political gain

I have just finished reading about the NZEI and their newest tactic in the war against openness and honesty with National Standards. I fail to see why the information must be kept secret. Now their campaign has taken a sinister turn with them pimping out kids to run their campaign for them.

I hadn?t yet formed my opinion on the contentious issue that is the National Standards when I saw that the NZEI bus was visiting my daughter?s school on this week. ?Brilliant!? I thought, ?I can find out what all the hubbub is about.? I got there 25 minutes after the bus? advertised arrival time?and it was gone. Obviously the NZEI was prepared to spend a whole twenty minutes informing the parents of our school about their position on the National Standards.

Good. Not political, didn’t know much about it so thought he would see what the union would have to say.

So I sat around waiting for the bell to ring, searching for new applications on my i-phone. At three the five year old came running out and proudly showed me a sticker on her chest. Now this was not unusual as stickers are pretty good currency for a five year old, however this sticker was a little different.

?Trial National Standards, not our kids?

?Hmmm?, I thought, ?what?s really going on??

If it had been me there would have been much harder words and directly with the teacher of the class. It is shameful though that the NZEI is using 5 year old kids in their stupid campaign to keep information from the parents about their own children.

As we drove home I asked the usual question, ?what was the best part of school today Shorty?? I was surprised to hear about the ?visiting teachers? and the ?photo in the senior school? which is where the NZEI bus happened to have been parked.

?Hmmm?, I thought, ?what?s really going on??

Yes what is going on? Why are 5 year old chests now political billboards?

While driving I gave the school a call. I spoke to the head of the Junior School and explained that I wasn?t making a complaint, but simply enquiring about the sticker. I told her I had no position on the National Standards as I was not informed enough. The head of the Junior School was surprised that the NZEI had interacted with the children and she knew nothing of the stickers or the photo. She promised me she?d follow it up and invited me to come in for a chat with her the next day about the National Standards. One-on-one teaching on my weakest subject, National Standards.

I accepted her offer and the next day went in to see her. Firstly she apologised for the ?sticker and bus photo? debacle. The photos that had been uploaded to the NZEI website had since been removed. She then proceeded to answer my question: ?What?s the problem with National Standards?? In short, I was won over by the concerns she voiced.

So the NZEI has realised it has been snapped, bet they didn’t know that the person she was trying brainwash with countless lies was a blogger.

The explanation about National Standards that was given to this parent by a senior teacher was nothing short of orchestrated litany of lies.

Contrary to this parent though I WOULD want to know this information. If my child was below average I would really WANT to know. The current system allows kids to just flow through the system. If the national standards were in place then my wife and I would have known years before we had to address the issues with my son. We finally did something because he simply refused to go to school. When we went to speak to the principal we were the bad parents and he knew best. We removed our son from school immediate and found home schooling. He now is “Above Average” for his age through independent testing. He is now a year ahead of his age-group in maths when he was 2 years behind attending a NZEI staffed school.

It is pie in the sky that teachers identify students that need “remedial” help and lord help you if you child is dyslexic. The state system just cannot cope. basically if you are a dummy or super smart, or have dyslexia the school system ignores you and your child sails on through. I personally know of one 14 year old who is 7 years behind his age group, yet he was handed up through the system with not a word. Turns out he is profoundly dyslexic but the stars at NZEI staffed school did nothing. Thankfully he now has the help he needs since leaving the state system.

The fact these lies are being peddled by senior teachers is bad enough but to pimp out the kids as little mobile billboards is disgusting.

And of course never forget that it Labour that is trying to keep the information about our own children from their parents secret. Tiger Mallard even wanted to ban the publishing of school assessment information making school level assessment information more secretive than security information held by the SIS.

It is time that the media called out the NZEI and Labour on this disgraceful use of children to promote their political agenda.