Police and others making ass of law and themselves

I was on OneNews tonight to talk about the Facebook group that has been setup about Vanessa Pickering. They also had Gary Gotlieb on spewing uninformed misinformation about this case and other cases and the role of the internet.

“There is no need for Facebook in a situation (like this), where we’re in a democracy,” Gotlieb says.

“We’re in a legal system and it’s just been completely abused by these idiots doing this stuff on Facebook.”

What a fool. People do this because tossers like him use the system to the benefit of their thug clients. The public is fed up and they aren’t going to take it anymore. Then there was the equally ignorant comments from Assistant professor Ursula Cheer. These lawyers don’t seem to realise that the world has changed and the law hasn’t, nor can it shut the door after the horse has bolted.

Apparently the government has had enough too. Woooooooo….running scared here. Just what exactly are they going to do? There is no way they can control the internet and Simon “FIGJAM” Power is stupider than I thought if he thinks he can.

As for TVNZ all the faux outrage about not naming the offender makes them look silly when:

The Police have their own press release telling the world the offenders name (image in case if deletion)
The Google cache shows the Police press release before they changed it. (image in case if deletion)

The NZ Herald still has a news article online (image in case if deletion)

The Press still carries an online story (image in case if deletion)

The Press Twitter page also has his name (image in case if deletion)

TVNZ Twitter account also has him name not once but twice (image in case if deletion)

NewsNZ Twitter account, the same (image in case if deletion)

StuffNewsroom carries it as well (image in case if deletion)

The Otago Daily Times still has a story online (image in case if deletion)

NewstalkZB even includes a photo just in case we can’t read his name (image in case if deletion)

RadioNZ is guilty as well (image in case of deletion)

3News is no better (image in case if deletion)

Even Simon “FIGJAM” Power’s own department website carries details online of his previous conviction. This makes Ursula Cheer look like a complete imbecile.

So if that isn’t enough evidence to tell stupid lawyers, judges and Ministers that you can’t stop or control the internet with a court order then nothing will convince the fools. Gary Gotlieb has just called The Minister of Justice, All the MSM as well as Facebook users fools. The reality is that he is the fool…..oh….and FIGJAM Power.

Had enough my arse, you ain’t seen nothing yet FIGJAM, this campaign will roll on every week in the news because no-one in government gets it, the people in the street are sick of it, and you simply can’t stop the internet. I will probably be charged with this post, but I would expect that all these media outlets are charged as well along with the Police Media Department.