Prince Charles is a dipshit and a hypocrite

Wingnut, in more ways than one, Prince Charles the Fool is a complete idiot. Clearly he is proof of the genetic in-breeding of royalty. His latest mumblings on Climate Change are as breath-taking in ignorance as they are in hypocrisy.

This has been an appalling couple of months for the climate change lobby and now there?s been another, sickening, blow ? which some of you, undecided in the debate, may well feel is the clincher. Prince Charles has waded into the issue, eviscerating climate change sceptics. ?Please be in no doubt that the evidence of long term and potentially irreversible changes? to our world is utterly overwhelming,? he said. Hell, you could almost see them, at the IPCC and UEA, cringing, banging their heads against their computers upon which they were, at that very moment, making things up. Just what you need, the support of Prince Charles. It came on the same day that he said he didn?t agree with The Enlightenment.

Charles the Fool spoke after arriving in Manchester by Royal Train pulled by a coal-fired steam locomotive, named the Tornado, which was rebuilt from a 1948 design. Yep he got to his speaking engagement by riding on a? coal powered ?death train?.

Prince Charles on his way to Manchester to talk about th evils of Global Warming