Random Impertinent Questions

  1. Do the Judge and Doctor belong to the same Lodge?
  2. Do the Judge and the Doctor play at the same Golf club?
  3. Does the Judge share an interest with the Doctor?
  4. Tennis maybe?
  5. Tiddlywinks?
  6. Or is it just a professional courtesy from one closed shop to another?
  7. Surely he would have recused himself?
  8. Anyone heard from Silent T this year?
  9. What is happening with the Bill Liu case?
  10. Its nearly been two years, should it take that long?
  11. Who really is Phil Goff?
  12. Why did so many “names” go bankrupt in October?
  13. Isn’t Ali so much hotter now she bats for the other team?
  14. Ali Mau or Pork Chop?
  15. Definitely Ali, right?
  16. Actually who would go with Pork Chop?
  17. Is Brooke Two-Fathers the new Ricardo for Pork Chop