Random Shit

I watched the news tonight and switched between Campbell Live and Close-up. I haven’t done that in ages and now I know why, TV is rubbish.

yummy WekaItem 1 on Close-up was about farming and eating our native fauna. 85% of txt pollers said “fuckin’ ‘A’ let’s tuck in”. The DOC wanker though doesn’t want a bar of it. Not a surprising from a career bureaucrat with a vest interest. The farmer/entrepeneur reckons if we farm our birds and the like, and I would include Whales in there too then they would actually increase in numbers and be removed from the endangered lists. He has a point. DOC isn’t working and they have no real reason to have it work because if all those species were no longer endangered they wouldn’t have anything to save. Weka and Kereru are supposed to be delicious. Kiwi is said to be bloody awful. I reckon we give it a go. Let’s have people permitted to grow and farm native fauna.

Taxi Driver ProtectionThere was a news item about a poor cab driver who got knifed by some scumbag. Now the cab drivers want the government to fix the problem by stumping up some cash for cameras and safety equipment. Well I have this to say about that. Fuck off. If they don’t care enough about their own safety to install it then why should the government. Fuck ’em. They are in business not bludgers with an entitlement mentality. unfortunately this is what 9 years of Clark-ism and 50 years of creeping socialism has given us. Small business owners, for that is what they are, putting their hand out for an entitlement to pay for their own safety. heres a thought, invest in your workplace/business. I can see it now though, if the government “fixes” the cab drivers problem, then we will have every bottle store owner in the country wanting a government handout for security cameras and grills, then dairy owners. Hell let’s just give up and hand everything over to the state. For god’s sake stand on your own two feet.

Pachauri caught in the back of a sheep, trousers down

Back to One News because as the title says this is Random Shit. We hear that the idiot Nick “Quota” Smith and his faithful puppy-dog John Key have got their way and are going to sign NZ up to Copenhagen. If they just pulled their heads out of their arses for just a moment they would realise that this con has been rumbled. Don’t they read the papers, the blogs or the news. Pachauri has been caught in the back of the proverbial sheep, trousers down. There are daily reports of new failings in the much vaunted IPCC AR4 which as it stands now is really a collection of fairy-tales interspersed with some nice scenery photographs. There are major errors in the “peer-reviewed by thousands of scientists” document. Most of the errors are because the IPCC accepted snipping from magazines, telephone conversations with mountaineers and just plain lies as the scientific consensus for Global Warming, and when caught shagging that proverbial sheep their reaction was to deny, slander, and lie. If there is one thing that is likely to make me goes biblical on National it is this issue.