Ryall putting pressure on Crusher

Tony “Wardrobe” Ryall continues to perform well in health. He is doing so well he may soon be nudging Crusher Collins off the lead in the WOBH Minister of the Month Award.

Mr Ryall now wants mergers to “bulk up” PHOs and reduce the $33 million a year the state spends on their management fees.

So Tony reckons we can give a lot of bureaucrats the arse and be better off for it. A sure vote winner that Labour will say is hurting NZ by reducing the state services capacity or something equally dumb.

Some interpret the changes as a PHO take-over by doctors and a downgrading of community input. But Mr Ryall said he wanted doctors, nurses and other health workers to take a stronger role in the leadership of health services because that made the services more effective and efficient.

“Most people in the country wouldn’t know a PHO if they fell over it. This plan of strong community engagement is probably more of a myth.”

Yeah what is a PHO anyway? Pretty Hopeless organisation? Ryall is right, most people want to see a doctor, not a PHO, and community involvement requires a community to be interested, which they arent. All the left’s hand wringing about community involvement is never going to do them any good, because the only people that believe it are the other socialists they drink their chardonnay with.