Sometimes your friends won't tell you… we will

Everyone seems to have noticed that Tiger Mallard has a problem. Barnsley Bill, Garfield Herrington, David Farrar and me of course. Living with a mental illness can be tough, I oughta know. When you are sinking it feels like almost no-one wants to know you especially those who you would describe as close friends. It is then that people you didn’t even know were your friends come to the fore to help.

So Trevor, as a service for you I have compiled some numbers and details for you, in your own time, when you are ready, to perhaps seek help from. I know you can do it, just think of your position as a role model, if only for your kids.

Wellington Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous

Auckland Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous

Sex Therapy NZ

Auckland Therapy

Those are traditional methods, then there are others:


Of course there are the usual methods for sex addicts to try to control their urges:

Kensington Inn, Wellington

Il Bordello, Wellington