Stupid is as Stupid Does

Trevor “Tiger” Mallard likes to think he is Clever Trevor, in fact he is the class clown who just isn’t funny anymore.

With the advent of the Labour MPs Blog “Tiger” has often written posts before engaging the brain. We are actually getting an understanding of the nastiness? of Labour that is hidden behind closed doors of parliament. These are the sorts of things they use to hassle people in the corridors.

Last night in my RSS Feed came this little gem from Red Alert and Tiger Mallard.

Zoning the issue for auckland central?

by?Trevor Mallard

It is going to be interesting to see how hard the Nats push their policy of shifting from a pretty strict zoning system, based on a right to enrol if in zone, to giving flexibilty to schools to pick and choose students.

Being in the Auckland Grammar zone increases the value of a house by between $100 and $150k, we will?see how Nikki Kaye balances her pretty extreme free market views with the writing off of property values.

Big + for Jacinda?I think.

I clicked through and the post had disappeared, Clare Curran has subsequently said it was a technical error. I call bullshit on this, she has just lied. I challenge anyone in the world to find me a single example of a post that has been sent to RSS hasn’t actually appeared on the blog first. A WOBH shirt to anyone who can.

Then of course are the factual errors, which is we follow the “Dan Rather defense” Tiger will claim are “fake but accurate”. Sorry Trevor, you are the blogosphere not the parliament and we can call you a liar out here and a hypocrite without getting all teary about it.

Fake but Accurate Fact 1: “their policy of shifting from a pretty strict zoning system” Wrong Trevor, that policy which is in place was the one you put in as Eduction Minister. The true and accurate history is thus:

In 1989 Labour partly abolished zoning as part of Tomorrow’s Schools, but kept a safeguard that all students had a right to attend their local school.

When National came to power in 1990 it allowed schools to control their enrolment policies. But eight years later the party introduced a restricted form of zoning for overcrowded schools.

In 2000 Labour took this further and gave students the right to attend the school within their zone.

So the “rigid policy” that you rail against was actually on made in late 1998 which you as Education tightened even further in 2000. That makes you not only a liar but a hypocrite as well.

Fake but Accurate fact 2: Contrary to Tiger’s post Auckland Grammar School is in Epsom electorate and as David Farrar points out their zone is only about 5% in Auckland Central. i doubt Auckland Grammar School has ever been in Auckland Central and it has always had a zone, even when I was there eating my lunch in the 80’s.

Fake but Accurate fact 3: Nikki Kaye is far from extreme free market views. She is a Pinko in the wrong party, in fact I think she thinks she is the new Katherine Rich. You’d get a must try harder on that one Tiger.

Now just to summarise, just like the IPCC AR4 we have a couple of paragraphs that are actually fact free.

Bottom line: Tiger admits zoning costs?family’s?up to?$100k-$150k, Yet he wants to retain Zoning. Tiger also thinks that removing choice from parents is a winning strategy for “Socialist Cindy” Ardern. I just hope and pray that Trevor is charge of Labour’s overall strategy.