Sunlight please

I received my quarterly newsletter from Exceltium and was concerned to read about some very murky dealings regarding the foreshore and seabed legislation. I have previously blogged on this before about the undue influence of the $100 billion woman Sacha McMeeking of the almost secret Iwi Liaison Group.

The $100 bil?lion woman is a woman of many hats and one can only won?der how she man?ages to main?tain pro?fes?sional stan?dards rep?re?sent?ing so many dif?fer?ent organ?i?sa?tions as well as being on the pay?roll of mul?ti?ple organisations.

What is The Prime Minister?s go-to man, Wayne Eagle?son, to think when Ms McMeek?ing walks in for a meet?ing. Is she there rep?re?sent?ing Ngai Tahu? per?haps it is the Uni?ver?sity of Can?ter?bury? Maybe the Maori Party? OIr some of her for?mer activist organ?i?sa?tions? Cer?tainly this capa?ble woman is a woman of many hats. Just which hats she wears at any one time is any?ones?guess.

The worse propo?si?tion though is that she speaks on behalf of the unelected Iwi Lead?er?ship Group, which is a largely secret group?ing of the elite Maori?toc?racy, who have seem?ingly nego?ti?ated a secret deal that not even senior mem?bers of cab?i?net are yet aware of to com?mitt the great?est rob?bery of pub?lic assets in the his?tory of New Zealand and hand them over to a select priv?i?leged group of Maori in an unde?mo?c?ra?tic, and unchal?lenged manner.

Basically she has continued to secretly rip off the little tribes and hapu while vesting in the big 5 untold wealth. Sacha McMeeking has also written a paper about enganement with the crown on the foreshore and seabed which if implemented will fly in the face of the results of the Curia Polling commissioned by Exceltium which shows that 62% agreeing with the statement ?I don?t mind who owns the foreshore and seabed, so long as I can access the beach whenever I want to.?

Just what is Sacha McMeeking up to and why can’t we as the public see some sunlight shone on this.