The Face of Stupidity

This is the face of stupidity.

An Auckland woman has had a rude reminder of the importance of ensuring Eftpos and card numbers are as hard for thieves to guess as possible.

British ex-pat Kay Heels says she is now in debt and has no way of repaying the $8700 taken from her account after her handbag was stolen.

She believes the thief – who stole the bag from her work staffroom at Albany’s Cala Bridal while she served customers out front – managed to work out her banking pin numbers from the date of birth details on her driver’s licence.

So instead of copping it on the chin what does she do? She complains to the Banking Ombudsman.

But Mrs Heels received more bad news when the banking ombudsman ruled the terms and conditions of the use of her card had been breached because the pin number for her Westpac card was too easy to guess.

Well duh.

She admits to signing a terms and conditions agreement when obtaining her Eftpos card – which said no obvious numbers should be used in pin numbers – but she didn’t read the small print.

Boo-fucking-hoo. She needs some therapy from Dennis Leary.

She had used her birth date as her PIN number in the UK because, unlike here, the law does not require a person to carry a driver’s licence while driving – therefore she didn’t have anything in her handbag that would have the date on it.

Oh so now I get it. It is the government’s fault for requiring her to carry her drivers licence. To compound her stupidity she then goes running to the media. Silly bint. Just wait a moment while I cry her a river of tears.

The Face of Stupidity

The Face of Stupidity