The mysterious missing post

The other day I copped a shellacking for posting about the shark beating Ginga girl. Clearly there are some sensitive wee ‘rangas out there. Anyway I got home and late last night I was going through my RSS Reader and found someone who had exactly the same thoughts as me. When I clicked through the post was gone. Strange surely the technical difficulties of Red Alert (yeah right, good one Clare) hadn’t somehow spread to Blogger. Sure enough they had, the exact same problem. Deletion of the post by one of the authors.

This time though it was Bomber and Tumeke afflicted with the “technical fault”. So concerned i was with the spread of these “technical faults” I emailed Bomber not expecting a reply, because he hates me as most of my reader already know. Surprisingly i got a reply, Bomber said “shrug – It was a joke that had its day”, yeah probably because Bomber saw how upset the shrieking Gingas were on my site. Anyway, as a public service and through the miracle of RSS WOBH brings you Bombers missing post.

Bombe’rs disappearing post