The Scarecrow writes

Andrew Williams is The ScarecrowAndrew Williams, fomerly known as the Clown of? Campbells Bay and the Mad Mayor is these days going by the moniker “The Scarecrow” for the scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz was missing a brain.

The Scarecrow has dictated a missive that shows as much about his mental state as his addiction to pain killers and alcohol. It is a rambling inhorecent piece of tosh. The Herald must have been short of a few column inches today to publish this rubbish.

The post could be summarised like this:

  • Random Quote, totally irrelevant to rest of document
  • Conspiracy Theory of control of Auckland
  • Call Local Government Minister and other Ministers liars
  • Moan about losing his job
  • pathetic link back to the first quote.