There is your higher standard of accountability

In stark contrast to the Clark years, where ministers got 10 in the sin-bin, Phil Heatley has effectively been dismissed by John Key for misuse of his Ministerial Credit Card and other irregularities which will come in in the goodness of time.

John Key had to do something with other ministers becoming a bit loose with discipline. From this day forward they will have had their attitude adjusted with an effective sacking.

Just by way of comparison, despite taking illegal donations, not declaring the donation and lying to the Privileges Committee, Helen Clark and Labour stuck by Peters till the bitter end. Clark only basically stood him down until after the election but still with full ministerial pay and privileges. Don’t forget the staunch defense of Taito Philip Field until he made the fatal decision to suggest he might go independent and then Labour dumped him faster than? shit at 30,000 feet. John Key has acted and acted fast sending a message to his cabinet and to his caucus that bullshit will not be tolerated.

Phil Heatley will stay on as MP for Whangarei.