Two Accused Bashers out on bail and Have Name Suppression

Two thugs who are currently out on bail for Murder charges have savagely beaten a 22 year old man. Not only that the also have name suppression while they walk the streets of Napier bashing people

A relative of one of the murder victims was appalled that the man accused of murdering his family member was accused of reoffending while on bail.

But lawyers say judges who grant bail are doing the best they can since no-one can predict the future.

Latest available figures show that about 30 per cent of people accused of murder are granted bail. In 2007, 22 people accused of murder were freed on bail.

The men, who were granted name suppression in Napier District Court yesterday, were part of a group of four charged with attacking Mr Lawrence last Friday.

It is simply unacceptable for the public to be put at risk by having dangerous thugs out on bail awaiting trial for murder and worse still having their names suppressed.