Wasn't there supposed to be a major speech yesterday?

I heard that there was supposed to be a speech, the most important speech of the year, a step change on the economy. More like a trip on the step towards change.

If that was the most important speech the prime minister is to make this year then we are fucked. It could have been worse, it could have been “Karori”? Bill English or? Simon “FIGJAM” Power making the announcement. One thing for sure is National hasn’t yet delivered any tax cuts and only Tax increases.

Little wonder the speech left one feeling like they had stepped in cold dog shit, the speech was written by Kevin Taylor.

  • He can’t write a speech
  • The press gallery has no regard for him
  • The press secretary corps thinks he?s a joke
  • Ministers roll their eyes
  • Could he at least please just keep the fuck out the camera shot -? a good press secretary stands behind the TV cameras anyway to check what the pics are going to look like
  • Did you ever see Karl Rove or Alastair Campbell or Richard Griffin or Mike Munro in the line of the cameras?

Time for a step change in the Prime Ministers Office