Well that can be easily arranged

Simon “FIGJAM” Power says:

“there’s not a single, solitary chance that as long as I’m the Minister of Justice, we’ll be relaxing drug laws in New Zealand”.

That of course can easily be fixed, all John Key has to do is fire the indolent arse. He is dead wrong in rejecting out of hand the Law Commission suggestions regarding changes to our drug laws. On this issue I think the Law Commission is heading in the right direction, although it is a bit light. Recommendations include:

– Police could issue up to three caution notices, with someone receiving a third caution assessed with a view to receiving treatment. A prosecution would follow any further uses.

– Police issuing infringement notices requiring a fixed monetary penalty for less serious drugs.

– A menu of options ranging from cautions or infringements to referral to drug assessment to prosecution.

Those should a bit willy-wooftery but at least it is a start of a discussion. There are currently a whole heap of people in prison simply for being addicts. If there was an effective intervention that broke the cycle that could be applied there would be a huge benefit than having addicts spend time in the pokey still addicted. Those interventions though need to be a whole lot better than a hug and a cuddle with a warning not to do it again. The intervention should not be pleasant, and it should be maintained until such time as the addiction is broken and even then for the next 5 years the person should ahve to submit to monthly blood tests until it is proven they are clean. That then should prove effective.

By simply dismissing the proposals out of hand “FIGJAM” Power runs the risk of losing perhaps the best opportunity we have for breaking the methamphetamine cycle of drug addiction.