What is this crap?

A judge has granted permanent name suppression to a prominent Manawatu man who downloaded more than 300,000 pornographic images, many of children.

The man, who was charged with 25 counts of possessing objectionable material and one count of distributing pornographic images on the internet after an FBI investigation led to his arrest last year, was sentenced to four months’ home detention when he appeared for sentencing in Palmerston North District Court yesterday.

So you like watching kiddie porn but the judge suppresses permanently your name because you are prominent? WTF are the judges on.

Many of the images had young naked girls posing in sexualised positions.

Judge Grant Fraser said he granted permanent name suppression to protect the man’s family, his mental state, his wife’s job and his ability to rehabilitate.

“I’ve also accepted without hesitation the public interest and the public being aware of the character of you, and I’ve also taken into account the seriousness of your offending,” Judge Fraser said.

“In this case there is no offending against any individuals within the New Zealand community.

Excellent the Judge has decide that 300,000 images of kiddy porn isn’t serious offending, why? Is it because he has a million pictures himself? He is suppressing his name so that his family won’t have to experience shame, well shame on you Judge Grant Fraser, shame on you.

He has suppressed the name because of his public standing. What public standing? He is a kiddy-porn addict, scum, exploiter of children, that is his public standing, that is what the public is entitled to know. If I knew his name I would out him. I think it is high time we started shaming Judges.

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