What's got Trevor's balls in a twist

Yanking Tiger's TailTiger Mallard seems to be losing the plot. Barnsley Bill has noticed Tiger’s descent into the so-called sewer.

I’ve thought about this today wondering what could be twisting his balls so much. Remember last year the pinko Farrar was waxing lyrical about how Tiger Mallard had brought interest to the blogosphere, I think even I succumbed to some praise for Tiger. However the 2009 Tiger Mallard is very different from the 2010 Tiger Mallard. Something must have happened.

My first thought was perhaps Tiger, being the astute politician he is, may have realised that Labour really are fucked come 2011. Despite all the talking up on the lap-blogs and from commentariat, Labour just can’t budge the polls. John “Smile and Wave” Key remains stratospheric in the polls eclipsing even their Dear Leader at the height of her evil powers. Tiger would really hate this situation that despite how much poo they fling absolutely nothing is sticking to John Key or to National. The Whales spies also tell him of Tiger’ teary eyes in the corridor after being thrown from the house by Speaker Smith. The word is Tiger was loudly exclaiming how much he hated parliament, and hated opposition. Perhaps that is one reason for the vituperative narrative coming from the angry keyboard of Tiger Mallard.

Another reason could be that Tiger hasn’t kept up with his remedial anger management classes or that he may have changed his medication. I don’t think this holds much water but it could explain his ups and downs.

The main reason is probably the same reason Tiger always gets himself in trouble. He has followed his cock once too often and got snapped in a big way. I mean Tiger got his nickname for this very reason. This time though I think it has been a complete disaster for Tiger, I think he has simply had his amorous intentions turned down by none other than Anne Tolley.