Who's tougher, Gillard or Tolley?


One is an industrial relations lawyer and a socialist youth leader, and the other isnt. They are both fighting the same good fight, a fight that has been fought and won by the politicians in other nations, like the US and the UK. Both are taking on what Miranda Devine calls ?the self-interested screaming of neanderthal teachers’ unions?

Miranda reckons:

The war against teachers’ unions is on – only this time it is not from their traditional conservative enemies, who have proved spectacularly unsuccessful over the past decade in breaking union control of education.

A new resolve from the unions’ old allies and enablers, the Australian Labor Party, and in the US the Democrats, unable any longer to ignore the disastrous effect of progressive policies of the past 40 years, looks like finally breaking their destructive dominance.

Obviously the teachers union are going to keep whinging about how an elected government with a mandate from the electorate has no right to impose policy on the teachers union because teachers are holier than thou. Teachers unions would be best dealt with a policy of Caedite eos. Novit enim Dominus qui sunt eius. Unfortunately the law is quite strict on this kind of thing though.