The Crown has said it would not appeal against the suppression order granted to a prominent Manawatu man who downloaded more than 300,000 pornographic images, many of children.

Crown prosecutor Ben Vanderkolk said last night he would not be appealing against Judge Grant Fraser’s decision to grant permanent name suppression on Friday, saying he weighed the principles of the case appropriately.

I just can’t believe this decision. Now the Crown Prosecutor joins the cozy little boys club that protects kiddy fiddlers. Of the 300,000 images more than 26,000 were kiddy porn. The person of interest has rooms in a building that also houses an ECE facility and he also practices as a specialist at the PN Hospital.

Judges and Lawyers are simply ignoring public sentiment. In a poll on Stuff yesterday over 95% wanted the details of this made public. Simon “FIGJAM” Power is still mouthing his belief in the Law Commission paper. This is what will happen if that becomes law as it stands, people will “perceive” nothing has changed and the public back-lash will be worse. The Law Commission paper doesn’t address any of the issues that have been raised in the last few weeks, it is written by and for the vested interests in the legal system and merely talks about increasing penalties, with a small bit on tightening access to suppression.

Of all the recent suppression cases this is the single worst, not just for the crime but for the rationale behind the judge’s decision.