Why does she keep coming up in the news?

I think we can all safely assume that 2010 will be another year where the usual people make the usual mistakes in politics, and get noticed as a consequence. Tiger will lose his cool, and get busted rooting around. ?Maybe he will lose his cool for getting busted rooting around. Actually he probably will.

Sideshow Tau will make a mockery of himself in a way that surely must be career limiting for a list MP that could have scarcely performed worse in an electorate National had parity on.

Crusin’ Chris Carter will exercise his parliamentary privileges and enrage the public. Again. Even if he did beat Tau hollow.

Karori Bill English will make some sort of dumb statement that causes the National strategy committee to have kittens, as well as making the kind of politically inept gaffe like asking for an extra hours cleaning, or parking in a disabled park.

Goff will achieve little and scarcely be noticed.

Shane “Five Chins” Jones? ego will outgrow his guts, and he will think that despite not ever having won an electorate he can be Labour leader.

Stuart “Mangrove” Nash will get caught out with some young bird, and David “Cancer” Bennett will face the wrath of the party for his indiscriminate rooting.

But why must a former official who was forced to take the fall for Bill English keep recurring like a bad curry? Please Michelle, keep out of the press. Your time has passed. Your track record was appalling, as president you left the party worse than broke and with its worst election result ever.