Woohoo fun times ahead

There will be no spending limits on parallel campaigners under new election rules proposed by the Government, but those spending more than $12,000 will be required to register with the Electoral Commission.

In other proposed changes revealed by Justice Minister Simon Power today, parties will have to disclose the total amount of all donations they receive – a change from current laws which require them to disclose only individual donations of more than $10,000.

Boy am I looking forward to the next election with these rules.

David Farrar has more thoughts. I agree with him on the failure to reach any consensus on the Broadcasting limits.

The lack of any change to the broadcasting regime is hugely disappointing. It is quite simply wrong that parties can not purchase their own advertising on radio or television, and also that effetively the major parties get a higher overall spending limit than smaller parties.? I also think it is wrong that current parties in Parliament get so much of the broadcasting allocation. Labour and the Greens refused to back change here, so the Government did not proceed.