A letter to the editor about containers

Sent in from the Hong Kong Directorate of The Whale Spy Agency, a letter to the editor about the suitability of containers…..for housing.

That’s right, in Hong Kong some believe that Container based housing solutions may well alleviate the shortage of affordable housing for the common man. Now there is an idea for the new Housing Minister to consider. Though I suspect that if the crim-huggers think it is barbaric for criminals to be housed in containers then they would cry foul over containers for affordable housing too.

Well, The Whale says if it is good enough for Chinese to live in, it is good enough for our crims, despite all the crying from the pinkos.

UPDATE:Here is a link to this story with more details and a video clip of the housing

containerhouses for chinese ok

Containers - good enough for chinese to live in, but not good enough according to pinkos for our crims