And they wonder why we call them repeaters

Boomtownprat’s post about Charlie Shovel’s (or Gladys as I prefer to call him) rudeness has hit the big time, and even better Charlie Shovel (or Gladys as I prefer to call him) is denying it.

A Labour MP denies he overstepped the mark by saying “I wish those kids would shut up” about a noisy two-year-old on an Air New Zealand flight.

A right-winger blogger said Charles Chauvel had said three times, increasingly loudly, during a Sunday night flight to Wellington that he wished the child sitting in front of him would “shut up”.

The blogger, Clint Heine, said after the second audible admonishment, he had become annoyed.

“At this point I got angry and sarcastically told my kids to be quiet as there were very important men behind us who needed their peace,” Mr Heine wrote.

Uhhhhmmm…have to point out to you dumb repeaters, it was Boomtownprat on Clint Heine’s blog. Epic FAIL. The story is good though. So far only one repeater has had the brains to call the number 1 and 2 bloggers to get contact details.

Close Up could be interesting tonight.

Best Gladys comes clean before he ends up with egg on his face.