Apology to Barnsley Bill

State Control in NZBarnsley was right, I was…that word that starts with w and ends in g.

Steven Joyce has gone rogue and is starting to make the She-Beast and the other members of the Heleban look like angels from heaven.

First he banned cellphone use in cars, then he wants zero tolerance for under 20’s driving, even though they can legally buy piss at 18, and now he raised the driving age to 16.

WTF is this a Police State, I’m starting to think that even Bomber and Tim Selwyn are onto something with their ranting.

We elected this government to get the nanny state away, not for more of it. I was with Steven Joyce on the zero tolerance and now I see that Barnsley Bill was right. This is just another impinging of our civil liberties from a party that should know better.

Quite how this matches the vision and values of the National Party is beyond me. How are these law changes compatible with Individual freedom and choice, Personal responsibility and Limited government.

I think that “Smile and Wave” Key and “cardinal Richlieu” Joyce have got this one dead wrong. Way to go guys piss off the entire rural sector plus a few hundred thousand 14 year olds that will be voting soon.