Apology to Chris Carter

Whaleoil HarpoonedThe unthinkable has happened, I have made a mistake. Being a firm believer in owning your own shit I have apologised to Chris Carter and to his sister. A short time after I sent my apology email (below) Chris rang me and we had a pleasant chat about the whole incident. I thank Chris for taking the time to ring me, he certainly didn’t have to, the fact that he did and conducted himself in such a polite manner shows the measure of him.

I have well and truly harpooned my flipper on this one. Next time I will not be listening to CEO’s of telecommunications companies when they say I can bank on something.


I would like to unreservedly apologise to you for the last couple of days. I was misled about the exact details of the situation and have now clarified that the Mrs Carter in question is not in anyway related to you.

Further the whole issue was a horrible mistake from beginning to end starting with the Telco and the CEO of that telco concerned and ending with me. The phone issue is in fact legitimate use of parliamentary resources.

Once again I sincerely apologise and will remove the posts about yourself and your sister. I will also post this apology on my blog.

Please also pass on my sincere apologies to your sister.


UPDATE: I have also had a pleasant email from Chris’s sister. Both Chris and his sister are certainly showing up my appalling behaviour.