Are under 25s better drivers in Australia?

It is often put up by the proponents of raising the driving age that in Australia and NSW in particular they have a much lower road toll than here and that is”because their driving age starts at 17″. Is it true though?

Well actually no, it is pure bullshit, and statistically a huge difference.

Finally I had a look at NSW where the driving age is 17. What difference does it make?

People under 26 are involved in 36 percent of road fatalities.

Here people under 25 are involved in 28 percent of road fatalities (111 deaths out of 391 to the end of Jan 2010.)

(The NZ statistic includes one extra year.)

In NSW the clamouring is to raise the driving age to 18 because 17 year-olds are killing themselves and their mates on the road.

An 8 percent difference. So the “evidence” supplied by interested parties hell bent on restricting yet another of our liberties by introducing yet another law, haven’t we got enough already, is bunkum.

Tell me again why we are increasing the driving age and this time provide some solid evidence please.