Beating Farrar

The cut and paste king has got a naughty sentence up on his blog, so since I am the actual number one blogger I thought I would have a competition with him. Readers of this fine blog may join in in the comments.

Since my sentence uses ALL of the forbidden words it is after the break. It is most definately NSFW especially if you work int eh cloistered halls of the civil service. BTW Farrar missed out a few like bugger, I have got them all.

So Farrar thinks he is the swinging dick in the blogosphere, well he can go and get fucked, he is nothing but a media cock sucking wanker, Jesus Christ he even registers for conferences as bastard media, the arsehole has dumbed his site down so much even retards can enjoy it now, what sort of an arsehole would want to be like those faggots, sweet Lord Jesus the cunt can cut and paste, his attempt at a sentence like this was the longest bit of original prose the cunt has written a very long time and as usual it is all bollocks with crap and bullshit on top of it, the only thing worse is when he runs lines for Bill English, god that prick pisses me off with all the pinko bloody shit he cuts and pastes for English, he is up to his balls in the arsehole of him so far the wanker spurts cum like a whore, the retard motherfucker is always wanting to put taxes up so we all end up paying like a nigger swinging from a rope in Missisippi, when all he does is bugger all and Farrar just laps it up like he is some sort of blogging God.