Caution: Loud Whining Sound from Labour carpet-bagger

Labour MP Carmel Sepuloni has accused Auckland City Council officials of preventing MPs from her party from being allowed to speak on the main stage at the Pasifika Festival in Auckland today.

The Western Springs festival, which celebrates Pacific culture and features performers from several Pacific islands, involves addresses from Auckland Mayor John Banks and Prime Minister John Key, but Ms Sepuloni said it appeared to have become politicised.

“Yes, the Auckland City Council is running the event, so John Banks has every right to speak to those enjoying the festival, but for an order to go out to ban Labour MPs from addressing the crowds is just petty,” she said.

So Repulsion Camel is upset and has a whine to the MSM, but what evidence does she produce to support her claims? None of course, because she knows the repeaters will print her claims with the barest minimum of effort at garnering the truth.

Repulsion Camel also needs to tell NZ how pasifika she really is, or whether she just discovered her pasifika links when it became politically expedient. Perhaps she could explain in detail, I am willing to give her as much space as she wants on my blog, to explain just what involvement she had in the pasifika community (apart from being an islander living in New Plymouth) before her 20th birthday.