Do it Crusher, do it

The boy-racers have turned out to be chickens in the face of the law designed to crush their cars for repeat offenders. now the son of a mother who just yesterday became a victim of drunk driving says crush drunk drivers cars.

The oldest son of a mother-of-five killed by a woman fleeing a police check point says it’s time to crush drink-drivers’ cars.

Bradley Phillips said last night he was frustrated by the Government’s eagerness to crush boy racers’ vehicles, while letting drink-drivers keep theirs.

His mother, Penelope Rae Phillips, 52, died in Blenheim on Friday night after a 20-year-old woman smashed into her car.

The woman had been stopped at a police checkpoint 400m away. Police said she blew a positive result then sped away.

Officers scrambled to pursue, but the woman struck the white Nissan Penelope Phillips was driving. She died at the scene.

An innocent driver killed by a drunk skank and the skank survives. I feel for the son.

I read this story yesterday after I saw the headline on the Herald site that really rates as spam journalism. The headline read “Woman dies as driver flees police” giving the impression that the woman was involved in a police pursuit when nothing of the sort happened.

Just today we also hear that;

One of New Zealand’s worst repeat drink-drivers has been caught again, racking up his 40th driving conviction ? 14 of them for drink-driving.

Richard Steven Rowe, 46, of the Bay of Plenty, is in custody awaiting sentencing in April for his latest drink-driving conviction. He faces up to two years’ jail and disqualification from driving for more than a year.

How many chances does one get? Looks like more than 14 or so. Crush their cars. This is the result of another vagary of our justice system, never being allowed to know what prior convictions a fool has already. Crush their cars.