Finally some sanity prevails on the sterilisation debate

And the sanity comes from honorary Right Wing Blogger, Fran O’Sullivan.

All hell broke loose when Act MP David Garrett blogged that a $5000 incentive to sterilise abusive parents would be “ludicrously cheap” compared with the costs of monitoring and caring for their further children.

Garrett clearly didn’t realise – or didn’t care – that New Zealand’s predominantly politically-correct Parliament, MPs and journalists included, would immediately jump down his throat accusing him of endorsing state coercion to stop unfit mothers and fathers reproducing.

Ain’t that the truth, “politically-correct Parliament, MPs and journalists” manufacturing news and accusing David Garrett of something he didn’t say or do. He was described as having blogged when in actual fact he had commented on a blog post at Kiwiblog, it wasn’t even a post by DPF, it was one by that mischievous part-time blogger Jadis. It did however do what I think Jadis wanted and that was stimulate debate on what has otherwise become a rather bland bowl of porridge at Kiwiblog.

Extraordinarily this quickly became the “news of the day” with the Prime Minister saying the Government would not introduce legislation on this score, Labour claiming such an incentive was contrary to Act’s principles and Act leader Rodney Hide declining to comment.

In fact we’re all subject to state coercion. Right now the Government is preparing to coerce all of us to pay more GST on the goods and services we buy.

It is preparing to coerce truants to spend more time at school. It also wants to lift the driving age to 16 years to coerce younger accident-prone drivers off the road so that they do not present a menace to themselves and others.

It’s what governments do.

More truth from Fran O’Sullivan (I’m too scared to use her suggest nickname). Nevertheless this story did become blown out of all proportion, ostensibly fanned by the liberal elite who like to do the thinking for us. Strangely though I couldn’t find a single person opposed to some form of system of sterilisation of unsuitable parents.

The rest of the article is a segue into talking about Whanau Ora and Maori solutions, a rather nice if not direct indication from Fran that she has an inkling as to where we need to be focusing our efforts when it come to child abuse.