Find it, Survey it, then Dig it out, and Sell it

Fucking big DiggerI’m over the pinkos thinking that the minuscule amount of conservation estate that is marked as grade 4 shouldn’t be dug up for the wealth that lies under the ground.

It is worthless lying there, doing nothing and frankly New Zealand can’t afford to leave it lying there. It is often said that per capita New Zealand has more mineral wealth than Australia. Well let’s get at it then. Dig it up and sell it, then find some more and do it again.

Predictably the same crowd that spins a web of deceit over Climate Change are the same ones spinning a new web of deceit over mining. Matthew Hooton pours one such beast back into his bottle on RadioNZ today.

My Little Pony chips in at Red Alert but she doesn’t care much about the issue because instead of being “incredibly privileged”, she is only just “lucky”.

So I only have one thing to say about mining on conservation land, why aren’t the bulldozer reffing out the wealth already? The problem is National will do it, Labour won’t stop it and they will spend the wealth like it is going out of fashion.

And Labour conveniently forgets that Homo Troughicis authorised a mine on Conservation land and that was just fine by them at the time.