Global Warming causes violent crime to increase

Well, amongst other things it allegedly causes, apparently,? Global Warming also causes violent crime to rise. Apparently researchers have presented a study on How Global Climate Change Affects Violence.

He found that increases in average annual temperature or global warming, has an increasing effect on murders and assaults in this country, even after controlling for a variety of other factors.

?For every one degree increase in average temperature, we can expect an increase of 4.58 additional murders and assault cases per every 100,000 people,? Anderson said.

?There are obviously other factors involved,? he continued. ?I would never claim that temperature alone would be the main factor that causes violent crime to be higher. However, there is now considerable evidence from a variety of sources that suggesting that high temperature is one cause that contributes to violent behavior, including violent criminal activity.?

There are a couple of problems with that hypothesis. One is that correlation does not equal causality, the other is that it is wrong. I wonder perhaps if Wes Craven’s Dental Assistant provided some anecdotal evidence that the sun and the moon are to blame for a rise in violent crime.

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That won’t stop wallys proclaiming the, no doubt peer-reviewed, study from the roof tops as yet anoth proof of Global Warming’s deliterious effects on mankind and the planet. We are killing ourselves you know.

They won’t let the truth get in the way of a good story though and this study is probably likely to make an appearance in the next IPCC report.