Goff's Law

Cut and Run says Phil GoffPhil Goff has a new official VRWC nickname. “Cut and Run”.

He thinks we should quit Afghanistan because it’s too hard and we won’t win.

Goff’s Law states that the continuance of a difficult task is inversely proportional to the to the ability to succeed at that task.

Given that we should cut and run from Afghanistan because it is too hard, and because we can’t win, then it isn’t un-reasonable for him to resign as Labour Party leader. The is clearly too hard for him, and he can’t possibly win meeting the two critical criteria that satisfy Goff’s Law.

Given that Afghanistan has over 3 decades of near constant war and zero democracy it is a bit cowardly to abandon them to the evils of the Taleban. If we do that we will just be back where it all started, and we will have to go sort it all out again. Just goes to show how committed Labour are to democracy for other countries. If they can’t sort it in 5 years then “cut and run”.

This is all from the man who flew the North Vietnamese and Viet Cong flags from the cenotaph in Auckland on April 30, 1975. He disgusts me.