Hard to fathom any of these

Identity of skeletal remains to be confirmed
The man, who has name suppression, has been remanded in custody until his next court appearance on Thursday. “We’re going through the process of speaking to

Versalko’s family ‘all victims’ of his crimes
New Zealand Herald
The husband of one prostitute, who has name suppression, told the Sunday Star-Times the bank should drop a civil lawsuit over the $2552507 Versalko gave her

Suppression lifted on Blues player
Name suppression was lifted on Ranger on Monday. The 23-year-old allegedly assaulted a man outside a pub in Mangawhai, north of Auckland, last August.

Not a single one of those people should have or have had name suppression. The hooker is in receipt of stolen goods, the husband of her goes to the media but we aren’t allowed to know who he is? The rugby player bashed someone unconscious in a pub car-park and had name suppression for why? And as for the alleged murdered of a man missing for years, that defies believe.