How much will it go for this time? is for sale again. Last time it was sold it went for USD$14 million. How much will it get this time?

If you’ve got $1m for a starting bid, and many millions more available, you could next week be the proud owner of the internet‘s most fought-over domain name:

The site’s ownership goes up for auction next week by DOM Partners LLC, a New Jersey lender that backed a 2006 purchase of the domain name for up to $14m but which is now foreclosing on the loan.

The auction is scheduled for 18 March at the New York law firm Windels Marx Lane & Mittendorf LLP, according to legal notices. And there is good reason for the site to attract bidders: at one point, it was making at least $15,000 a day, according to a 2008 book, The Chronicles by Charles Carreon.

In the late 1990s, internet domains used to change hands for stunning amounts: though sets the price record, others including ($10m), ($9.5m), ($7.5m) and ($7.5m) proved how much value some investors saw in the visitor-attracting power of a simple, easily remembered name.

Pretty impressive numbers, anyone up for a consortium to bid for it?