How to lose friends and influence no-one

The business of opposition is to make as many friends as possible in the hope they will vote for you, or at least give you some support.

In the last week, Clare Curran has managed to piss off the Consumers Institute, the very popular Telecommunications Users Association, the even more popular 2degrees mobile phone network and a prominent NBR political columnist and lobbyist offering her political support.

The only company who seems to like her is Telecom!

Is she Labour’s spokesperson for Telecom?

How stupid to align the Labour Party with Telecom just at the moment. If it is at all possible to make every possible wrong decision when it has mattered with delivering a mobile network. AMPS to D-AMPS/TDMA, D-AMPS/TDMA to CDMA, CDMA to W-CDMA/UMTS (XT), Choosing Alcatel-Lucent over Ericsson, Nokia Siemens or Huawei, then Telecom has made it. At every critical turning point in the life of their mobile network they miraculously chose wrong.

What on earth is Labour Leader Phil Goff to make of her performance?