I always knew the environmental stuff was bad for you.

I remember when I lived in Wellington, Mrs Whale and I went to a fellow teachers house for a bbq. It was a fricken nightmare, because this little dweeb, and I do mean a dweeb, was right into his Global Warming scare-mongering.

I, of course, made his and the other drop-kick teachers miserable by pointing out, as he toured us around the house he had just finished building “environmentally”.

  • Concrete pad – He had no idea how cement was made.
  • The Garage – no cars they were evil, but he forgot the bike was made of steel (you need carbon to make steel), the aluminium (bauxite doesn’t lie around waiting to be picked up), the Chrome mudguards (same as bauxite), the electro-plating (lead, acids, and cyanides), the synthetic rubber hand grips and tires (real bummer how they make that shit)
  • The Kauri Front Door, that was ok I was told because it was Fijian Kauri…oh right their trees don’t matter as much as ours.
  • and so on…it was quite fun educating stupid green wankers.

I, of course, don’t give a flying fuck where anything comes from or where it goes afterwards. The earths resources were given to us to use until exhaustion.

Now this is where this story is supposed to go. As is usual for green fools they “like” to wipe their arses on that brown, untreated, fucking sandpaper they call toilet paper. WRONG, just WRONG. I have always known it was wrong. everyone was sniggering after a visit to the bog. That was taking environmentalism just way to far.

Finally I have proof just how wrong it is. There are apparently serious health risks from using cheap skid paper.

Don't buy cheap, nasty toilet paper, there are bad health risks

Don't buy cheap, nasty toilet paper, there are bad health risks