I thought you quit already?

I am sure you all remember Kevin Campbell of “John the Jew” fame. Well the stupid little coup plotter and disaffected ex-ACT member has raised his head again for another bullet to the forehead.

He has sent an open letter to Rodney Hide waxing lyrical about Yeltsin and other and about how great he is. Here is an example of his deluded fantasies;

Now that I have read the 2010 conference speeches and chorus of negative media reports since then, I feel confident that my deep concerns expressed to the board, in writing, are well founded.

I believe ACT is in deep trouble.

There is no doubt that the party has foundered since Richard Prebble departed in 2004. ACT has polled dismally, usually in the 1-2% range, except for the return of Sir Roger Douglas in 2008. His comeback was a rescue mission that delivered an election poll result of 3.65%.

Ok, so, can you hear that sound Kevin?…you can’t?…that sound….still can’t?….That is because it is the sound of no-one caring.

You have left the party because you are a c*nt and no-one likes traitors. Who cares about Richard Prebble, clearly he is mired in the past along with Yeltsin. He has sent this email everywhere (I mean even I got it) and one good ACT member has responded.

Dear Kevin

I know nothing of you except what you have written here, and the most significant revelation here is the following statement

?I referred to the prime minister in a blog as John the Jew. I admit it wasn?t a smart comment and it could be viewed negatively by some, but it was off-the-cuff and not intended to be racially offensive in any way. Even so I offered John Key my genuine apology which he accepted with thanks. The matter should have ended there but I underestimated my opponents to the board, which included you and the party president, you chose to escalate the issue into something unsavory to discredit me and damage my election chances.?

It?s pleasing to see that you realise it wasn?t a smart comment, and even more pleasing to see that ACT chose to escalate the issue to the point that you resigned.? Its also a relief to read that the comment was off-the-cuff; had it been the result of careful consideration, ACT would have had to consider even more drastic measures.

Given your obvious continuing interest in politics, and a clear talent for self-exculpation, I?m trying to think of how you could resuscitate your political career.? Iran seems the obvious place.? Even then, you would have to be careful to ensure that you limited your ?off-the-cuff? religious slurs to foreign politicians in a fairly limited set of countries.? Check with the President there (Ahmadinejad) before you repeat this sort of performance.? He?s not a model of diplomacy but he hasn?t yet made an apparently sneering comment about the religion of anyone above him in the pecking order.? Good luck.

PS: Have a look at your genealogy. ?If you go back far enough, you may find a Jewish ancestor.

That is simply the best slap-down ever. As you can see Kevin Campbell, traitor, coup plotter and ex-ACT member thinks, strangely, that he somehow matters and the Board of ACT and Rodney care what he has to say. Now that is really delusional.

He should STFU and remember he has left and ACT is all the better for it.