Is this the gayest press release ever?

What drugs is Goff on? Talk about a dickhead. Gayest press release ever.

Where is John Key?
Press Release by New Zealand Labour ?at ?1:17 pm, 25 Mar 2010

Labour Leader Phil Goff is curious as to why the usually media-friendly Prime Minister seems to have mysteriously disappeared off the radar in the last few days.

“What could possibly be the reason behind this strange disappearance?” Phil Goff said.

“Mr Key is usually more than happy to smile and wave for the cameras and crowds but in it the last few days I have struggled to find him on television, radio or in the newspaper.

“I have found lots of Gerry Brownlee fumbling with numbers, postcards and date scones, but I have found little of the Prime Minister.

“I would hate to think that John Key is keeping his distance from the media because the Government’s mining plan is a shambles and his ministers are flip flopping all over the place with their facts and figures.

“Or perhaps John Key is hiding because a senior member of his own Cabinet found the welfare reforms that he and Social Development Minister Paula Bennett announced this week will be unfair for many Kiwis.

“John Key should front up to the media to face the heat for the announcements he was more than happy to lend his friendly smile to earlier this week.”


With all the talk of date scones between Goff and Private Dancer you would think the first line should read, “Labour Leader Phil Goff is bi-curious as to why…”

This fool wants to lead the country!